5 Steps to Crack VLSI Job

Step 1: Visit Our Webpage specific for VLSI. Click here (http://edusaksham.com/smp-course-training.html)

Step 2: Enrol to Self-Mentor-ship Program. (For DISCOUNT Coupons mail us at support@edusaksham.com)

This program is basically designed by Industry Experts for college going students/fresh graduates or new entrants to VLSI industry. Main feature of this Program:

  • Around 80 Practice Papers: Which help you to prepare for any type of written paper or Interview
    • No time bound
    • Unlimited number of attempts (By default Only 5 attempts. For more, you have to request at support@edusaksham.com)
    • Papers are distributed across different concepts.
      • Digital electronics (Number System, Logic Gates, Combinational circuit, Sequential Circuits)
      • RC concepts
      • Semiconductor Theory (Semiconductor Physics, Semiconductor Devices)
      • CMOS fundamental
      • CMOS fabrication
      • CMOS Circuit
      • CMOS Fundamental
      • Timing Concepts (Which Include Timing Paths, Timing Arcs, Timing Checks, Setup and Hold Time, Setup and Hold Violation)
    • Purpose of these papers are:
      • Fast Revision
      • Prepare only selected topics or say concepts which are required in VLSI Industry
      • Mapping different Industry Problems to Basics Concepts
      • Step by Step approach to understand or develop certain advance concepts
    • At the end of each paper, you will get a detail Analytic report. These Reports (analysis) helps you …
      • To identify the concepts, you have to spend more time (from revision point of view)
      • To identify your strong areas. Which gives you an idea about what kind of profile you should be more interested in
      • Average Time v/s your time helps you to understand how fast others are able to solve a particular question.
    • Around 20 Certification Test:
      • Industry Standard papers
      • Single attempt and Time Bounded
      • Many Companies directly screen the students on the basis of their performance in these papers
      • A certification will be issued at the end of this Course
      • Our Placement Team select the students on the basis of their performance in these papers and forward their profile to different companies as per their requirements

Step 3: Complete all the above 80 + 20 practice papers and Tests. (Be in Touch with our support team for any query or technical issue.)

Step 4: Once you finish all the papers/tests, mail us at support@edusaksham.com and you can request for Personal Guidance or Mentor-ship by Industry people.

  • Dedicated 2hr – 5hr engagement with you.
  • Analyse your score and guide you in which area or profile you should make your career.
  • Review your Resume and provide you few tips (To improve your resume look and feel)
  • Give you few tips of Interview. Help you with Do’s and Don’t

Step 5: Request for 2 Free Mock Interviews at support@edusaksham.com

This is very important for each candidate to know their current reality (where they stand). Sometimes we think we are 100% ready but in reality, we are not able to crack a single Interview process. No company share with anyone the feedback/reasons of either rejection or selection. Our Mock Interview have helped several students/ candidates to improve not only their technical skills but also soft skills.

  • Detailed Feedback on these Mock Interviews will help you to understand your reason of selection or rejection.
  • Both Internal (From EduSaksham team) and External (from other Semiconductor Industry) will be part of these Interview process

After these simple Steps, you will come to know how fast you can enter into the VLSI Industry. Or say how To Crack a Job into VLSI Industry.


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