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    Clock Domain

    Clock Domain Crossing

    1. Familiarizing basic concepts about Clock Domain Crossing   1.1.       Synchronous and asynchronous domains In synchronous systems, the clock that operates on different logic is generated from the same source. The main clock is generated...

    Automation in Layout Design

    We have come a long way since the days when CAD Engineers used to draw layouts on Graph papers. Sophisticated tools with multiple utilities to draw, verify and correct the layouts, and enhanced ‘User...

    Interview Questions for CMOS

    1.) Above diagram is corresponds to PMOS device. Kindly identify region A? Instruction : A.) Pwell B.) Nwell C.) p+ area D.) P-substrate 2.) In what cases above structure can be a PMOS device? Instruction : A.) Region A : p+ ,...

    Layout Verification: Apply Systematic Approach

    It was Wednesday morning when I approached my Manager for a discussion on my next assignment. We had delivered a project in the past week and after relaxing for a couple of days, we were...

    Interview Questions for Semiconductor Theory

    1.) How many depletion layers are present in the figure shown below? A.) 8 B.) 6 C.) 10 D.) 5 2.) Identify the number of P-N junction (diodes) in the below picture? A.) 5 B.) 0 C.) 2 D.) none of these 3.) If we increase, voltage...

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