Tuesday, May 22, 2018

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    5 Steps to Crack VLSI Job

    5 Steps to Crack VLSI Job Step 1: Visit Our Webpage specific for VLSI. Click here (http://edusaksham.com/smp-course-training.html) Step 2: Enrol to Self-Mentor-ship Program. (For DISCOUNT Coupons mail us at support@edusaksham.com) This program is basically designed by Industry Experts for college going...

    Layout Verification: Apply Systematic Approach

    It was Wednesday morning when I approached my Manager for a discussion on my next assignment. We had delivered a project in the past week and after relaxing for a couple of days, we were...

    Interview Questions for Digital Electronics

    1.) In a Hexa-decimal system, (77) 16 – (3B)16 is equal to? A.) (3D)16 B.) (60)16 C.) (3C)16 D.) (73)16 2.) What is the output of following switch network? 3.) If this circuit is considered as 4 Bit full adder, which takes 42ns...

    Interview Questions for Semiconductor Theory

    1.) How many depletion layers are present in the figure shown below? A.) 8 B.) 6 C.) 10 D.) 5 2.) Identify the number of P-N junction (diodes) in the below picture? A.) 5 B.) 0 C.) 2 D.) none of these 3.) If we increase, voltage...

    Interview Questions for CMOS

    1.) Above diagram is corresponds to PMOS device. Kindly identify region A? Instruction : A.) Pwell B.) Nwell C.) p+ area D.) P-substrate 2.) In what cases above structure can be a PMOS device? Instruction : A.) Region A : p+ ,...

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